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About Rates
You want rates that are fair. So do we.

Avista’s rates are set through a detailed and regulated process. It’s common to think that we can raise our rates whenever we want, but in fact, the opposite is true.

Avista is a regulated utility. This means that our rates can only be changed – increased or decreased - with approval from state public utility commissions. These commissions set rates that are in the best interest of customers as well as Avista, and that support overall efforts to deliver safe, reliable energy to you.

Here’s how it works. When our costs for delivering energy to our customers change, we file a request to adjust rates. The commissions thoroughly investigate our case, and:

  • Scrutinize our costs
  • Review thousands of pages of information
  • Welcome and review public testimony and comments

After reviewing all the information, the state commission sets or approves rates based on what it determines is fair and reasonable.


Approximate rate case timelines


Up to 11 months


Up to 10 months


Up to 7 months


Stakeholder roles – those involved in the rates process


File rate request to recover costs


Can review all contents of request and provide comments

Commission staff

Evaluate testimony from all stakeholders and make recommendation to Commissioners


Organizations that represent groups of customers


Appointed state officials


Learn more about rates and other related topics by viewing the following one-sheets:

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Is your meter all clear?